Monday, 21 May 2012

Queen's Park Book Festival and beyond

The weekend passed in the pastoral surroundings of Queen’s Park with the taste of the cream of a burgeoning literary scene of a corner of west London.

I know I wasn’t alone in promising myself as I left that I’d make savings from somewhere (pub? Radio 4? Twitter?) to raise capital to read.

-Alex Bellos? A philosopher exploring pop maths.
-Melissa Benn and Owen Jones? The future of the left? I’m certainly looking.
-Dean Atta? Poetry alive.
-Rosa Rankin-Gee? A tale from (near) my homeland.
-Maggie Gee and Marina Lewycha? How have I not?
-Edwyn Collins? Rebuilding his life after two brain hemorrhages – His performances of Home Again and Losing Sleep on Saturday had the fire.

And, of course, to write. If you’ll forgive the indulgence, my last fiction project, 97 short stories in 95 days, She’s Elvis, is here

Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Islington Gazette - highlights

So, since the end of January I've been working Fridays at the wonderful Islington Gazette. Here's a selection of stories and features:

8/2/12 The rainbow flag over town hall:

16/2/12 When Occupy went to school.

26/2/12 It's the month of love! What does the person on the street think of Islington?

3/3/12 Dry cleaning for 50 years. But can it last?

10/3/12 The gentleman Ken Loach at Reel Islington Film Festival.

11/3/12 Jeremy Deller: “I’m an active observer of protests but I’m not an activist. That’s just how I do it. I’m not at the front line, I’m at the side. That’s my role.”

23/3/12 Dog plop vox pop.

30/3/12 Dexter Fletcher brings Wild Bill to the borough.